Strength Avenue Logo - Square - Strength and ConditioningStrength Avenue is a sports performance studio gym based in Outram Park, Singapore. We understand how important your goals are to you, and we can help you achieve them through customized training plans suitable for you.

Headed by Coach Andyn Kadir, who has over 10 years of experience in fitness coaching, Strength Avenue also comprises a team of other professional coaches who have backgrounds in everyday fitness, movement training, weight-loss, physique training, sport performance, strength sports, and much more.

We offer private coaching with considerations of your fitness levels, prior injuries and limitations, your fitness and physique goals, to help you plan a timeline and program to become the best version of yourself. We focus on your form and technique while performing each exercise, as we believe that knowledge and technical know-how can empower you to move closer to your goals.

For those who love to train with friends and in groups, we also have semi-private group sessions throughout the week to help you build strength and lean mass, and/or get fit with high intensity conditioning programmes.

Strength Avenue is also home to a team of powerlifting athletes who began from ground zero with Head Coach Andyn Kadir. They have grown to become multiple national record holders and medalists in their respective weight classes. We also work with a few athletes in MMA and Boxing. If you are interested to find out more, check out our athlete profiles!