Daphne Maia Loo

Daphne began her fitness career as a powerlifting athlete, a sport that she stumbled into accidentally, while recovering from a period of extreme dieting,  and weight loss.

Within two years, Daphne became a multiple gold and silver medallist powerlifter in the Women’s Under 57kg category in Singapore. With four powerlifting meets and four national records under her belt since December 2014, she has also competed in the Asia Oceania Powerlifting Championships, where she achieved a silver medal amongst many strong female lifters in the region.

After a year of mentoring a team of female powerlifting athletes with Coach Andyn, and assisting him during strength classes, Daphne got certified as a personal trainer.

She is also undergoing training to become a Nutrition Coach, and is working with clients to help them improve their relationship with food, while learning how to eat sustainably, improve their nutritional intake and awareness of food, and make better choices, while achieving their fitness and aesthetic goals.

Daphne finds that her greatest motivation in training others comes from improving their lifts, not simply in terms of numbers, but also in their technique. Her special interest lies in helping women overcome their fear of the weights room.