Jarratt Jude Raj

Jarratt used to be a regular paratrooper in the Singapore Armed Forces. He got engrossed with researching and using various unconventional training methods such as gymnastics strengthening exercises, yoga, and training implements like the clubbell, for rehabilitation of injuries attained during his vigorous training as well as for preventing further injury.

Unfortunately, despite all the injury prevention training, Jarratt got injured on a road accident while cycling back home. He attained multiple skull fractures and a bad concussion, and was made a non-combatant, eventually dropping out of the course he was in at the time.

Jarratt then took to training the men under him, using the techniques he learned on them. This made him reconsider a life pursuing his passion in helping people upgrade their quality of life through strength and conditioning, and through improved movements.

Today, Jarratt is a well-respected Yoga instructor at various yoga studios. At Strength Avenue, he incorporates unconventional movements into his yoga teaching, and also uses club bells, steel maces, and kettlebells in his strength and conditioning training with clients, students, and athletes.


CrossFit L1 Trainer
CrossFit L2 Traner
CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer
Yoga Alliance 200hr RYT
Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist