Private Coaching

One-to-one or buddy training with a designated coach. We provide a variety of training programs, including boxing, strength training, fat loss, and more. Get in touch with one of our coaches.

Semi-Private Training

Small-group classes with a designated coach at fixed time slots on our class schedule, and limited to 8 particpants per group. We run a variety of semi-privates through out the day, to suit busy schedule.

Nutrition Coaching

Sport and nutrition coaching, weight management, and athlete weight cut for competitions. We seek to help you improve your nutritional intake on a sustainable basis, and we do not believe in restriction. Find out more.

Athlete Performance

Get an edge over your competitors with a structured strength & conditioning program to improve your sport performance. Our programs work hand-in-hand with your sport training, and help you improve during your competition season, as well as off-peak seasons. Read more.

Powerlifting Coaching

Looking to improve your numbers for recreational or competitive powerlifting? We have coaches who offer online coaching services with once per week contact time, to help you improve your technique and push you along your lifting journey.

Girevoy Coaching

We are proud co-founders of the new kettlebell movement in Singapore called Girevik Gives Back. We provide Girevoy Sport coaching, and also organize the annual Singapore Kettlebell Championship. Find out more about our coaches and your training options!

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